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Passion Projects

Among the array of projects I've had the privilege to work on, there are several that stand out as the most rewarding and impactful. These projects represent the intersection of creativity, strategy, and purpose, and I'm immensely proud of the outcomes achieved for each.

dunkin tiny home event.jpg

The Dunkin' Tiny Home project was a groundbreaking endeavor that showcased innovation, sustainability, and the love for coffee. As the project manager, I oversaw every aspect, starting from the sourcing of coffee beans to the creation of biofuel. Working closely with the architect, I ensured that every detail of the tiny home, from its design to its functionality, aligned perfectly with Dunkin's brand ethos.

The highlight of the project was the experiential event featuring celebrity Olivia Munn, where the Dunkin' Tiny Home was unveiled to the world. This event brought together coffee enthusiasts, sustainability advocates, and media to witness the fusion of technology and coffee culture.

Additionally, through a strategic partnership with Airbnb, the Dunkin' Tiny Home allowed consumers to immerse themselves in a unique coffee-powered living experience. This collaboration not only provided an unforgettable getaway but also served as a platform to educate and inspire others about sustainable living practices.

The Dunkin' Tiny Home was not just a dwelling; it was a testament to Dunkin's commitment to sustainability and innovation, leaving a lasting impression on all who encountered it.

As the leader of the project, I spearheaded a comprehensive approach to reduce emergency room (ER) wait times, recognizing them as a significant barrier to patient satisfaction. Leveraging this insight, I orchestrated the integration of cutting-edge technology platforms with outdoor media partners, streamlined media planning, and executed PR strategies to generate awareness of the hospital's initiatives. Additionally, I focused on enhancing the overall patient experience within the ER by collaborating with staff to optimize workflows and minimize wait times. Through strategic planning and execution, our project successfully transformed the ER experience, significantly reducing wait times and improving satisfaction for patients and staff alike.

ER wait times.jpg
milk bone dogs love more.jpg

As the orchestrator of several Milk Bones campaigns, "Dogs Love More, Humans are Boring, and Life is More Fun with a Dog" I had the opportunity to work on every facet, from conceptualization to execution. Leading the creative strategy, the campaign was grounded in the insights that Dogs find humans boring, Dogs Love More and Life is More fun with a Dog versus any other pet. Leaning into the deep bond between dogs and their owners, crafting messaging that resonated with pet lovers everywhere. Overseeing production from talent selection to location scouting, I ensured every aspect of the campaign reflected the brand's message authentically. Through meticulous editing and optimization based on creative A/B testing, I fine-tuned the campaign to maximize its impact, delivering a compelling narrative that celebrated the joy and companionship found in every Milk Bone moment.

bring your pet to work day.jpg

As a key member of the team behind the Meow Mix Remix Campaign, I contributed to its bold and innovative approach that captivated cat owners and feline enthusiasts. Collaborating closely with the Meow Mix team and agency partners, I played a role in conceptualizing the campaign's unique twist, tapping into a remix of the renowned Meow Mix jingle. From creative direction to production oversight of national commercials to the internal employee launch, I helped ensure the campaign resonated authentically with the target audience. Leveraging audience insights, I also played a part in optimizing the campaign's performance through iterative A/B testing, contributing to its viral success and widespread brand engagement.

meow mix country.jpg

Being part of the team involved in the launch of Folgers' premium 1850 coffee brand was an exhilarating experience. Collaborating closely with Folgers' marketing team, I played a pivotal role in shaping the brand's strategy to resonate with the millennial audience. Drawing on insights into millennial preferences and coffee culture trends, we crafted a messaging and positioning strategy that emphasized 1850's premium quality and rich heritage. From conducting market research to developing creative assets, I ensured that every aspect of the launch aligned with the brand's positioning and resonated with our target demographic. Through strategic marketing initiatives and engaging storytelling, we successfully introduced 1850 to the market, garnering attention and excitement from coffee enthusiasts and millennials alike. It was a rewarding experience to be part of a team that brought such a distinctive and premium brand to life in the competitive coffee industry.

As the account manager on the business I lead the collaboration between Kat Von D, renowned tattoo artist, and Dunlop Tires, I contributed to the seamless execution of their groundbreaking event at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Working closely with both parties, I facilitated the coordination of logistics and promotional activities to ensure the event's success. From managing schedules to organizing promotional materials, I played a key role in creating an engaging and memorable experience for attendees. Through effective communication and strategic planning, I helped showcase Dunlop's innovative spirit and Kat Von D's artistic prowess, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

kat von d.webp
refreshinq 2.jpg

As the Director of Marketing at Ritzman Pharmacy, I spearheaded the successful launch of the Refreshinq brand, an innovative line of wellness products aimed at revitalizing and enhancing the lives of our customers. Drawing on my extensive experience in marketing and branding, I developed a comprehensive strategy to introduce Refreshinq to the market, leveraging a mix of traditional and digital channels, including leveraging influencers, to maximize visibility and engagement. From crafting compelling messaging and branding elements to coordinating product development and packaging design, I ensured that Refreshinq resonated with our target audience and aligned with Ritzman Pharmacy's commitment to health and wellness. Through strategic planning, meticulous execution, and a focus on customer-centricity, I played a pivotal role in establishing Refreshinq as a trusted and sought-after brand in the competitive wellness landscape.

As Director of Marketing at Ritzman Pharmacy, I spearheaded the rebranding initiative to revolutionize the traditional pharmacy experience. Collaborating with internal and external partners, we developed the pioneering concept of "vintage care," reimagining the pharmacist's role and integrating modern technology. This involved redesigning pharmacy layouts to prioritize patient interaction, launching innovative wellness programs, and fostering community engagement. Through partnerships with Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and the implementation of distinct care programs, we aimed to provide comprehensive wellness solutions and redefine the pharmacist's role. The launch included innovation using telepharmacy expansion and launching wellness programs, all to deliver exceptional care experiences to our patients.

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